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July 25th, 2018

Our team has put together an online web grid to help small businesses with website design, development, and maintenance. There are a lot of Moving parts with developing and managing a site. Beta Apps grid takes the hassle out of this and makes it easy to build and service your website in one place. We will also aquire domains for you and take care of your monthly hosting needs. Some companies attempt to handle this themselves or they cut corners by using Wix, Wordpress, Square Space, Godaddy, any do-it-yourself platforms. Running your standard business operations are hard enough, let Beta Apps handle your online needs and see the benefits of joining our web grid. The majority of consumers today will be google searching your company and landing on your website before they make an appearance in your store or even consider purchasing anything online. It is very important to have a website that is up to date, professional, and has all of the correct features in place. We have also noticed that a lot of small business sites are not optimized for mobile devices. It is important to take all of these aspects into consideration to ensure success and to make sure that your company has a competitive advantage online. I will go into more details below about our grid features and what makes building with Beta Apps different from the rest. Please contact us for a quote. We can also build you a one page demo site to show what an upgrade to our grid will look like for your company.

Check Out Our Professional Web Grid - Digital Cloud.

“You can’t get anywhere flying under the radar.” – Grant Cardone

Beta Apps take pride in doing everything in-house. A lot of software firms + agencies outsource various different aspects of a project. This will create latency, higher prices, and decrease originality. We have constructed a grid to handle EVERYTHING that your website needs. We take care of your design, build, hosting, analytics, maintenance, updates, mobile optimization, seo, email, domains, photos + videos, etc. These features are all included if you have a website built from scratch or upgraded to our grid. We offer 24 hour support and contracts are not required at this time. We are one of the very few web companies handling all of these features in one place. Beta Apps can also provide your business with digital marketing and cyber security solutions. Contact us for any of your online needs + stay tuned for our in-house software releases.

- Derek McKean (Founder)

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