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As products and services across the industry continue to move to the cloud, online threats are increasing across the board. Many technology companies focus on innovation and lack any efforts towards protecting what we are building. It is important to back all devices, products, services, and networks with proper cyber security solutions. Stop threats now.

Security Products - //For All Devices

Let's think about how many different devices and computers that we use on a daily basis along with the amount of data that is being transferred. These things are all vulnerable without proper online security backing. Contact us for any device-to-cloud cybersecurity solutions. For consumers, contact Beta Apps for device + computer backing. Protect the cloud.

Strategic Partnerships - //Industry Leading Solutions

Beta Apps is working with industry leaders in the cyber security market. We have partnered with McAfee to offer the best solutions and products available from the start. Along with advancing our knowledge in the field + partnerships, we also plan to release our own security solutions. Beta Apps looks forward to building and growing our security division.

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