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McAfee Partnership + Online Security Update

July 19th, 2018

With an increase in cyber threats across the globe, online security is a must in the 21st century for any business or consumer. Beta Apps LLC is well aware of this, that is exactly why we have partnered with one of the industry leaders in cyber security products and services. As of 2018, we have partnered up with McAfee to start offering solutions to not only back our own products with but also to help out consumers and businesses as well. Our focus is going to be providing consumer security products to start and then we will shift our focus to enterprise solutions as time goes on and we expand our reach. We plan to fulfill this partnership by offering the best cyber security solutions to our own clients and expanding our knowledge in a very complex and challenging industry. Once Beta Apps reaches a certain level in this sector, we will start to develop a few of our own in house cyber security products for the market. With a mix of leveraging industry leading partnerships + developing our own products, we plan to have an entire Beta Apps security division as time progresses. We are excited about the opportunities and look forward to diving into this part of the tech industry and expanding our abilities. Stay tuned for updates and subscribe to our newsletter.

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Beta Apps is a very diverse company, we are not limited to a single product or service. We have multiple in house products currently being planned out along with a variety of different services to choose from. Being able to offer cyber security solutions is a great addition to our company structure as a whole. What we currently offer - professional web design, digital marketing campaigns, app design/development, hosting/database/servers, graphic design, e-commerce, marketing materials, security, and software. Please contact us for any of your online or software needs. You can reach me directly at {} for any sales questions or interests. Creating Smart Web Products And Apps Through Innovation And Market Needs - Beta Apps LLC - The future is near.

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